What is email deliverability

What is deliverability?

A proper definition of email deliverability is quite simple: it's the capacity of an outgoing message to reach its intended inbox.

Unfortunately, in fact, not any sent email is always delivered: a lot of troubles can happen during the travel from your mail client or software or webmail to the recipient. That may sound very odd for a newbie, but around 10% of mass mailings just never gets to the inbox: because of bounces (wrong addresses), antispam filters (that reject the message without even store it in the junk folder), and other technical issues.

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To put it simply, deliverability depends on a series of factors that can be both internal to the message itself (general aspect, images, subject line, text percentage etc.) or external and relative to your database or your delivery mechanism (a clean list and a reliable SMTP server). So normally, email marketers talk about "improving deliverability" as any technique that tends to maximize the total rate of correctly delivered emails.

Here are some:

  1. Write a light, coherent and compelling content. The maximum weight of an email should be around 90Kb. Don't exceed with images and keep a good balance between them and pure text.
  2. Always provide a direct unsubscribe link in the footer. So that the user can opt out easily from your newsletter, without labelling it as spam (which will hurt your deliverability). Also, write short subjects without abusing of critical words like "free", "click here" or "cash".
  3. Use a professional SMTP service like turboSMTP, that will send your messages using only IPs with a high reputation (that is, only reliable protocols: not shared with spammy users or that risk to end up in a blacklist).
  4. Always send emails to a permission-based list. Never buy databases or collect addresses casually on the web: your communication should always be directed to people who opted in.

To know more about the subject you can read our free guide How to deliver all your emails.

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